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Full Moon Magic - Let go, Let Flow

While we often search for our place in time and space, our purpose actively seeks us out. All too often, we are distracted by work to truly recognize our Work. This moon is about letting go, to let now flow.

What we are letting go is our attachment to our to us. Put differently, most people identify themselves via their jobs, relationships, activities, etc. For example, I may see myself as a husband, father, consultant. All too often, though, we confuse ourself with our Self. Like the treadmill now covered in laundry and the dinner table buried under papers, we are meant for more than we have yet realized.

What happens we we let go our this perceptions is that we connect to our true Self. This opens up new opportunities to deepen & explore our own personal expression. Have you always wanted to start a business making cupcakes? Now is the time! Have you felt an inexplicable pull to live in Japan. Pack your bags, its time to go!

To best direct this energy, focus upon the 3 greatest qualities you wish to live your life by. Excitement, inspiration, love, connectedness - whatever you feel you'd like to infuse your life with, then focus on that. Work with these energies by entering into ritual. Check out the attachment below, and ready yourself to let FLOW.

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