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New Moon Magic - October 16, 2020


This new moon celebrates the sensation of our coming into our personal power. As we align ourselves with our Self, we undertake the changes that comes with this new charge.

For many, this will result in the realization of our potential, bringing to question what more can we do and be? For some, this will mean coming to some pretty jarring realizations. This can seem destructive. Yet much like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, we must tear through the membrane of our persona to enable the emergence of our Presence.

When navigated correctly, these energies can be highly fortuitous, . This means, focus upon your shit. When our gaze settles on our others - orienting our attention outward - this is where things can get tricky.

As we step into our personal power, others will be doing the same. What this means is that the very dynamic of our social interactions have effectively shifted. If others are used to getting their way with you, and suddenly, they aren’t able to - then tension and friction may occur.

Here are 5 ways to best work with the energies of the new moon:

  1. Be present within your Presence: Take time to slow things down and make time to be alone with yourself.

  2. Settle into Stillness: Focus upon connecting with what’s happening with your emotions. Journal and flush out any negative emotions that you’re ready to rid yourself of.

  3. Move with these Emotion: Rather than dismissing or suppressing your emotions, acknowledge them (see previous step), then work to reduce any stored tension in your body. Go workout, run, and roll your body into releasing these depleting feelings.

  4. Balance your Energy (in Motion): Let the pendulum swing by refocusing and orienting towards renewing energies in motion (aka emotions). Do something fun, spend time with those you’re most connected with, enjoy the natural world to shift your energies into the positive.

  5. Focus on Freedom: We tend to trap ourselves in a container of our own making. This moon is a great time to focus upon influencing your inner self to thereby behold the changes in the world around you. What is it that you want in the next 90 days? Why is this important to you? Rather than using false affirmations, state instead “Why is it true that…” while holding the sensations of realizing these aspirations. I.E. Why is it true that I am in perfect health and vitality? Allow yourself to feel the joy and excitement of being in a physical state that allows you to do anything you desire.


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