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Quantum Wizardry - Spiritual Hygiene 101

Welcome back Adepts & Initiates! This week we'll be working on the foundations to build upon to best (and safely ) realize our greatest potential. Our first topic is how to ensure that we are clear and free of any unwanted energies that we've acquired in our Work. Much like hiking in the mountains, anytime we explore new territory we can pick up grass, dirt, bugs, any number of things we've encountered. To this end, let's start off with some basics to cleanse and purify our energies as we embark on this journey together.

Clearing Statements

  1. To release all contamination and any visiting entities. To clear any connection to other people and their emotions. To restore wholeness and integrity to my Soul through all time. Divine Light please assist me. Thank you.

  2. I (NAME), set the intention for enlightened Consciousness to flow through. To experience the purity of Consciousness. To cast out any energy - being or force - cloaked, hidden, partial or exposed. Divine Light, pleas assist me. Thank you.

Cleansing: Pīkai

- Gather a ti leaf (or 2) for this exercise. Also, gather water, salt, and turmeric into a wooden bowl. Holding this bowl in your hand, focus your attention upon clearing yourself of any unwanted energies. Once you feel ready, stir your water with the ti leaf clockwise to charge it with your intention. When you feel ready, use the water to sprinkle your body - head and shoulders - with this blessed water. Place the sprinkles wherever feels needed for this water blessing. When finished, pour the water onto a plant or place that you

desire to bless.

Cleansing: Ocean

- The ocean is a truly powerful place. With all the elements represented at the beach, this cleansing can clear away unwanted energies. Start by sitting upon the beach watching the water ebb and flow. Focus upon your desire to clear away any unwanted energies, asking for the support of the elements to heed your call. When you feel ready, enter into the ocean water focusing upon the sensation of the ocean around you. As you immerse in the water, focus your attention upon your body's sensation of temperature, fluidity, etc. Still holding your intention, feel the water as it swirls around your body focusing your attention now upon your intention to release from you these unwanted energies.

Clearing: Items


  • Sage

  • Palo Santo

  • Cedar

  • Ti leaf


  • Frankincense

  • Angelica

  • Peppermint

  • Solomon's Seal


  • Quartz

  • Citrine

  • Amethyst

  • Garnet


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