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Quantum Wizardry - Week ONE

Mahalo for choosing to joining this 6 week experience to heighten your 6th sense, thereby manifesting your magic and the reality of your dreams!

Quantum Wizardry combines the Conscious connection we have with our inner world to then utilize our intuitive talents positively affecting the world around us. Blending tradition with technology, we will dive deeply into our own process to create a personal practice. In doing so, we will be better able to access, develop, and express our 'superpowers' in everyday life.

This program is designed to be self-guided and managed. This means that your participation will be entirely your own responsibility. Each week, participation will vary, however will include watching videos, completing exercises & activities (aka QUESTS), and reflecting upon your experiences.

Yet everyone has questions! So there will be an open forum to discuss as well as hours during the week to logon to a Zoom call with questions & answer sessions. For now, please see below for the process to register (if you haven't already) and keep tuned for more to follow!


Mahalo for your interest and decision to join the movement to Consciously manifest your magic and the reality of your dreams! Quantum Wizardry is a 6 week program that will support in creating a practice from your personal process to better empower our own talents and skills. By working with the wisdom of ancient teachings AND Conscious technologies we can best influence our inner world, thereby transforming the world around us.

Light Alchemy HI will be launching this experience this coming Sunday 7/19 at 11am. To register yourself for this amazing experience, please follow the directions below:

1) Please fill out this basic questionnaire to register, making sure that you read well through the liability section at the end:


2) Next watch this short video talking about the Quantum Wizardry concept here:


3) Tools of the trade! Please get yourself a dedicated journal to track your experience throughout the next 6 weeks.

4) Finally, this experience will be hosted via FB, Zoom, and YouTube. Our hub will be on the following page on FB. If you haven't already, please join and use this page as a reference for our Work in the weeks to come: https://www.facebook.com/groups/518746138530113/?epa=SEARCH_BOX


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