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Quantum Wizardry - Week ONE

Life as we know it, has changed. Without warning, we are thrust into an entirely new world filled with adventure, explorations, and new experiences well beyond the imagination. This requires the best of us. Indeed, on this journey we will discover deep hidden truths, profound inner wisdom, and new abilities to transform the world around us, by influencing the world within.

Welcome to the journey!

My intentions is for Quantum Wizardry is a 6 week immersive experience to guide and provide you with the resources to investing your personal Mystery. We'll be diving into materials sourced from various mystery schools to psychological theory, from current theories of quantum mechanics to the secretive teachings of the occult sciences.

Here is a brief schedule to stay abreast on the flow of this experience:

Sunday @ 10am: Zoom Workshop 

Monday @ 2pm: email weekly activity/exercise (aka Quests) 

Wednesday @9am: Q & A on Facebook 

Friday @ 3pm: email for weekend Quest/Activity

Once again, welcome to the journey!

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1 Comment

Michael, Sunday's Zoom was filled with so much Wisdom. I'm excited for this Journey, I am Grateful. I just grabbed a copy of the Untethered Soul... tonite's reading. Thank you for this Divine opportunity.

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