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Welcome to the first, full weekend of Quantum Wizardry!

Thus far, we've focused upon our connection within. Taking a moment to breath. Bringing forth our inner magic and energy. Knowing our mind, more intimately.

This weekend, we will continue this QUEST of inner connectivity and comprehension, by asking good questions and endeavoring to find answers to:

- 10 things you wish to HAVE (new car, sense of peace, new job, $25,000, etc)

- 5 things you desire to DO (travel to Europe, find the partner of my dreams, buy a new home, etc)

- 3 things you wish to BE (kind, loving, owner my own business, in a new relationship, etc)

Please write these things down in your journal and keep for usage, next week. For now, have a wonderful weekend - love and aloha to you all,


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