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QW Week FOUR | Energy Allocation

There are 168 hours per week, how do you 'spend' yours?

My morning's usually begins with, while eyes still closed, taking a moment to acknowledge being alive, then envisioning my ideal Self. When I feel ready, I open my eyes and take a heart rate variability reading with my phone. This helps to provide instant feedback on my physiological state to better determine how much energy I want to spend on my morning rituals. Depending upon the day, determines the ritual that I perform:

Sunday - Physical

Monday - Intuitive

Tuesday - Physical/Nature

Wednesday - Meditation/Relaxation

Thursday - Physical/Visioning

Friday - Nature/Art

Saturday - Relaxation/Meditation

I usually break down the Rituals into 5 distinctive categories: Connection - take time to empty yourself, setting intention

*breathwork, mindful body scan,

Nourishment - creating greater ease and harmony

*drinking a glass of water, fascia rolling, breathwork, stretching

Movement - circulate energy to shift into generative energies

*walking for 15 minutes, reading, breathwork (breath of fire), movement prep/mobility, meditation

Alignment - direct the flow of energy towards an intention

*workouts, visualizations, deep/trance meditation (aka with the light lamp), Tarot reading

Expression - creative free-flow of energy

*signing, dancing, swimming in the ocean, writing (Tengan)

So here are examples of my Sunday, which I usually use to set context for the week:


- Connect: Transcendental Meditation 20 mins

- Nourish: Wim Hof breathwork, CBG tincture + water - 15 mins

- Movement: walking + reading 15 mins

- Alignment: Fire (HIIT) Workout

- Expression: cold shower, dancing with the boys


- Movement: fascia rolling

- Alignment: grounding exercise


- Expression: fascia rolling, breathwork (inhalation - 3secs, exhalation - 9 secs)

Much like tuning an instrument, these rituals support in attuning our mind to the frequency of our Soul. All these support in maintaining and managing our mana.


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