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QW Week FOUR | Spheres of Influence

One of the trickiest parts of realizing our potential is in remaining purposeful with our attention. Consider how much energy you've spent on pining over past lovers, anxious about presentations for work, hell! Family dinners during holidays!

Though seemingly different, each of these circumstances have one thing in common; YOU! Attention - when not grounded in Intention - can be spent frivolously. 'Time' is the great equalizer. Irrespective of who we are, everyone of us has 168 hours per week to live, eat, play, and more. Mostly though, people use this time and their energy to work. And I don't mean the uplifting activities that allows us to fully express our Self. Rather the jobs that pay our bills and allow us to maintain a certain lifestyle. There is more to us that the sum total of our work.

Like a budget, we utilize our attention like currency; time equalizing all. For example, take that monthly gym membership that NEVER gets used; similarly there are areas of our life that drain our energetic account. Though not a priority, we tend to 'spend' a good deal of our energy unintentionally. In this article, we'll discuss the Spheres of Influence, and how we can liberated our energy to better align ourselves with our Self.

Spheres of Influence - Levels of Relationship

1) Intrapersonal - Our most important relationship is with our Self. Yet, most people would rather distract themselves than actually connect with the most authentic aspect of inner BEing. As we further explore and continue to investigate our Embodied Genius, 'Knowing Thyself' becomes a top priority. Consider any time that focuses upon you to be deepening your Intrapersonal relationship. Self-care, sleep, hygiene, meditation, exercise, etc.

2) Interpersonal - How we relate to those closest to us is often a reflection of how we relate to ourselves. Consider your relationship with family and friends. How do you make time and focus attention upon these connections? Date night your partner? Playing at the park with your children? Perhaps hiking in the mountains with your tribe? However you deepen these relationships, consider this to be a part of this aspect of Self.

3) Professional - This Sphere is ideally dedicated to how to act in service to others. This is important because each of us has a place in time and space. Being part of a broader social ecology means that we are capable of supporting others who benefit from our Presence and how we present our talents to them. Time spent doing work, performing acts of service for another, etc should be considered part of this expression.

4) Community - If our professional Sphere is how we act in service, then community is a matter of whom we are in service with. This can mean sports teams, environmental groups, political membership - and really - anything that has us working with others towards a common intention.

Now that we have some context, let's check in on your content! Take a moment and break the past 7 days down. How many hours did you spend in the following areas: Intrapersonal -

Interpersonal -

Professional -

Community -

Once you've finished estimating your totals, take a moment and check in. Is this what you want for your life? Indeed, based upon your results, is this the lifestyle you have decided to live? Where are the areas you desire to change? Where do you wish to spend more time in your life?

In part 2 of this process, we'll take time to revamp how you spend your energy by focusing upon how you allocate your time.


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