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QW Week ONE | Grounding

Our superpowers tend to manifest spontaneously.

Synchronistically running into a friend in need while shopping, pre-cognitive visions in the middle of night as you sleep, knowing exactly where to be to do the most amount for another.

Yet how do we begin to Consciously access and use our Intuitive Talents in our everyday life? Regularly working with our abilities requires us to be in a centered, grounded, and coherent state of being. Yet in this day and age, or most people are stressed most of their days, how can we begin to enter into this state of being to better work with our superpowers?

Grounding is a state of being that allows the fullness of our self to be connected in the present moment. Whether we call it mindfulness, or kilo in Hawaiian, this is where our place of power lies.

This video will guide you through a simple breathing exercise, allowing you to center and connect as you ground your energy in the now.b


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