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QW Week ONE | Intuitive Talents

"I'm an Empath."

"Are you Psychic?"

"You're a Wizard, Harry!"

We've all heard these phrases (and more) in life, yet how is one to know which is what, the whys, where's, and how's?

Intuition is our innate capacity to access information beyond everyday perception. Whether we are talking about pre-cognition, remote viewing, or empathic feeling - our abilities are as available as they diverse. Indeed, while there are similarities within our Intuition, there are also a broad spectrum of abilities that exist.

We have access to each of these Intuitive areas (Energetic, Psychic, Empathic, and Kinesthetic) however, have chosen to focus upon certain aspects to develop our Talents. Think of personal Intuition as a specific antenna. If I wanted to listen to a local AM station, then I would access it with something that can pick up on radio waves. Just like if I wanted to watch digital TV, then it would require an antenna that could access that as well. Each area of Intuition has its own set of capabilities and Work.

This article will overview the general aspects of our Intuitive Talents, and how we can best identify where we are in this magical map of superpowers. Ready to get started? Let's jump into it~!

Gifts & Talents

Our Intuitive Talents are skill sets that we have developed throughout out incarnation cycles, and represents the Soul's Work here in our lives. Gifts tend to imply we have been presented or bestowed something. For all intent & purposes for this Quantum Wizardry experience, we will refer to these as Talents. Much like the magicians of old, we are have our own Magnum Opus - our Great (otherwise known as Legacy) Work (how we positively affect the world with our Intuition).


As these Talents are something we have established, worked at, and refined in life cycles, then we are born into the world with certain tools (Intuitive Talents) of our trade (Inner Genius). As mentioned earlier, while we have access to each of these areas of Talent we have focused on certain areas of expertise. Our true Intuitive Talents are a mix of our: Primary - strongest area of connection

Secondary - combined with our primary, places us in a certain type of work

Tertiary - also influences how our intuition is experienced and expressed

Quaternary - area of leas connection and highest susceptibility

For example, my Intuitive alignment is:

Primary - Energetic

Secondary - Kinesthetic

Tertiary - Psychic

Quaternary - Empathic

This means my strongest connections are in the Spiritual/Physical realms with my areas of susceptibility being in the Psychic/Empathic realms. To determine where you fall in this area of assessment, please ask yourself the following: 1) Are you more RECEPTIVE (allowing, sympathetic, go with) or PROJECTIVE (focused, organized, action-oriented)?

2) Are you more focused upon TANGIBLE (evident, factual, observable) or ETHEREAL (open, abstract, mysterious)?





Stay tuned for article number 2 of this series where we dive further into the Intuitive Talents, realms, and superpowers.


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