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QW Week THREE | Anatomy of Intuition: Part ONE

We ALL have a destiny. More than merely yours or mine, humanity has set course upon this path for the collective realization of our greatest potential. Wow. So what does this mean for you and me, and the everyday seeker?

How then, can we begin to access our innate abilities? Moreover, what are the mechanisms of our superpowers and where do they come from?

The word INTUITION comes from the latin word intuitionem, which means "a looking at, consideration". This capacity to perceive beyond what is 'seen' is commonplace in cultures around the word, yet only seems to be making its way into the western world in the past hundred years or so.

Since its etymology has roots in sensory and perception, let's look (pun fully intended) at this from the perspective of our physical senses; sight, sound, taste, smell, touch, proprioception, and electro-sensitivity. Yup, you saw it - we have 7!

Every physical sensory ability has a metaphysical counter-part. Much like the organs that allow us to perceive the world around us, we have an anatomy that allows us to perceive the world 'beyond' us. The US in this equation refers both to our Soulful Self and our physical vessels (aka our bodies). Not quite clicking yet? Let's shift gears and see if we can make sense of this by taking about driving.

If I wanted to go on a Sunday drive with the family, then I would choose to a vehicle best suited for this intention. Perhaps a sedan, suv, or family van. If I wanted to, however, go off-roading then these vehicles wouldn't be my best choice. Rather, driving a jeep, truck, or dirt bike may be best suited for the job. Additionally, if you and I were driving on the European autobahn and I've neither driven in Europe or upon an autobahn (and you have) then you may be better suited for the task at hand.

In all these cases there are 3 considerations when it comes to driving (in this case physical existence):

1) The experience of the driver (Soulful Self)

2) Intention of the drive (Sacred Contract/Lesson/Agreement)

3) Choosing what to drive, according to the intention (physical body)

Much like the example implies, our Higher or Soulful Self is an Intelligence in and of itself. Through incarnation cycles, we have developed specific skill sets based upon our own natural energetic patterns. This means that when we download into our bodies, we already have our abilities and can access and use them when we wish. This is quite easy in childhood through the beginning of our adolescences, until we begin to shift from our more open and expressive Self into ourself.

Part of what allows us to better utilize our talents (rather than gifts, that are given) is the intention of our incarnation. Often, we are purposeful in this decision. As such, when we incarnate we do so in a vessel that is the optimal vehicle to fulfill our incarnated intention. Much like the bells and whistles of a new car, we come with all that we need to ensure our best chance to experience what it is that we are here to do.

More to follow on this topic in Part TWO!

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