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QW Week THREE | Anatomy of Intuition - Part TWO

Riddle me this...what do cell phones, AM/FM radios, and your WIFI routers all have in common? Other than being staples for entertainment, each device has a specialized antennae that allows them to access different waves of information. This sets the stage for today's conversation about Intuitive Talents and what that looks like for the everyday seeker and the modern-day mystic.

In this article we'll be exploring the intuitive fields of information that each Talent has access to, and how to interact with each of them. Let's dive in!


Ever have your spider-senses tingle, alerting you to some kind of danger? Our bodies process information faster than our mind and hearts and can, in fact, provide a wealth of information. Indeed the intelligence of the body can detect everything from subtle energetic shifts to large-scale global happenings.

Proprioceptors are micro-receptors found in our fascia that monitors our place in time and space. The metaphysical counterpart processes intuitive information that our vessel can access. This goes both ways.

The power of Kinesthetics are held with their vessels. Whether this be to display peak physical performance or embody the energies/intelligences of greater energies and forces - Kinesthetics are able to be open channels. Kinesthetics support us with the social cohesion that brings all people together.

EMPATHIC Intuition

A matter of emotion and experience, Empathic Intuition ties to the experiences that most affect our personal (and collective) narrative. These stories, buried within our subconscious (and unconscious) mind can manifest as reactivity to the triggers and happenings.

The power of the Empath is to shift things for people by dissolving the strength of these influences and clear the way for our Soulful Self to be expressed. For example, how can we fully embody the Divinity within, if our human experiences speak to our 'lack' of value and worthiness? Indeed, Empaths support us to align ourself with our Self, see through renewed eyes, and clear away any and all attachments that hinder our process of realization.

PSYCHIC Intuition

Concepts and Constructs. The world of the Psychic Intuitive deals with the data of Creation. This can be revolutionary thoughts like Tesla's free energy to transcending dominant Constructs like Nostradamus did through space and time.

In the realm of the Mind, all things are possible. Every thought is sparked by an impulse, each impulse coming from an aspect of Creations looking to be expressed. The power of the Psychic allows us to explore what can be - diving deeply into any area to explore and investigate. They are our thought leaders, our innovators, and the experts in curiosity and questions.


Everything is energy. While most identify our reality in terms of light, Creation is mostly darkness. This means that anything and everything is possible, the majority of which is beyond our own imagination!

Energetics work with the raw building blocks of Creation, are able to access all of the other Talents, and have an entire storehouse of abilities unique to their arena. Much like computer coders operate behind the scenes, Energetics work on identifying and influencing the basic information of reality.


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