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QW Week TWO | EMPATHIC Intuition

Updated: 3 days ago

Our emotions are snapshots (memories) of the value we've attached to the experiences in our lives. Let me say that last part again; our LIVES. When we transition from life into death - our consciousness uploads back into our Soul - taking this experiential information with us. This also means, that when we download back into a physical body we take this with us.

In fact, not only do we bring our stuff with us, we also access the information that our genetic body holds as well. Ancestry plays a role in this as well. Otherwise known as epigenetics, the thoughts, feelings, and patterns of our 'past' can be held within our body we are born into.

Empaths are sensitive to emotions, which also means this intuitive type is able to detect the experiences from which these feelings were born from. Indeed, this means that empaths are 'time'-travelers who are able to access the experiential 'library' of Life and untangle the threads of attachments that unconsciously create personal narratives.

Listed below is a general overview of this type:


Body - Emotional

Realm - Astral

Continuum - Experiential

Connection - Karmic

Orientation - Receptive/Etherial

System(s) - Endocrine/Fascial

Sensory (Metaphysical) - Clairsentience

Abilities - Traumatic healing, karmic detachment, astral projection, etc.


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