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QW Week TWO | ENERGETIC Intuition

Updated: 3 days ago

Held within the mountains, rain drops, space dust, galaxies, in the very cells of our body - Energy is all around us.

The ENERGETIC Intuitive is tied to the raw material of reality(ies). This means that this type can access the other intuitive types' abilities, as well as the very fabric of reality itself. How does this even work?

Everything is an expression of Consciousness, and ENERGETICs happen to be more sensitive to the building blocks of what is. Atoms, planks, partiki - irrespective of what As such, ENERGETICs tend to be highly sensitive to, well, everything! This type of intuitive are open channels to energy at large; which can be both access within as it is without.

Listed below is a general overview of this type:


Body - Spiritual

Realm - Quantum

Continuum - Timespace

Connection - Dimensional

Orientation - Projective/Etherial

System(s) - Morphogenetic/Nervous

Sensory (Metaphysical) - Claircognizance

Abilities - Calibration, energy tracking, clearing/cleansing, etc.


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