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How do we best navigate our place in time & space? This is where can KINESTHETIC Intuitives excel best. Tied to our physical body, this intuitive type works with the intelligence of our physicality as it moves through 'material' reality.

Olympic athletes. Ballerina dancers. Contact builders. The common denominator that links each of these types of persons, is a heightened spatial & body awareness. The KINESTHETIC has the ability to manipulate the intelligence of the physical body while heavily influencing physical reality.

Seeped in the world of the 5 senses, KINESTHETICs can detect subtle nuances in the world around them (as well as within). Indeed, as children this type explores the world with their hands, bodies, and often mouths!

Listed below is a general overview of this type:


Body - Physical

Realm - Matter

Continuum - Spacetime

Connection - Terrestrial

Orientation - Projective/Tangible

System(s) - Musculoskeletal/Fascial

Sensory (Metaphysical) - Clairaudience/Clairgustance

Abilities - Peak performance, vital immunity, self-healing abilities, communication with earth/mineral/plant kingdoms, mediumship/channelling, etc


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