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QW Week TWO | PSYCHIC Intuition

Updated: 3 days ago

The Universal Mind is all, and all matter is Universally born of MIND.

Seemingly simple, ideas compel movement; emotions & actions. Yet where do ideas come from and how do they take form to be expressed within our lives? Enter the PSYCHIC.

Leonardo Da Vinci. Nostradamus. Sylvia Browne. PSYCHIC Intuitives are all about concepts (thoughts, idea, etc) and constructs (patterns, systems, etc). With the ability to work with both, means this type of intuitive is able to SEE beyond regular perception; doing everything from 'downloading' information to peeking through time and space.

These SEERERs take upon the sacred work of bridging the gap between what is and is yet to be known.

Listed below is a general overview of this type:


Body - Mental

Realm - Archetypal

Continuum - Dimensional

Connection - Intellectual

Orientation - Receptive/Tangible

System(s) - Neurological

Sensory (Metaphysical) - Clairvoyance

Abilities - Precognition, remote viewing, telepathy, telekinesis, etc


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