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Riding the brainwaves of your Mind

February 9, 2017


Riding the Brainwaves of your Mind


The mind is a powerful tool. The challenge being, like with any tool, is how to effectively use it. Indeed, most of us do not know how to use this tool. In fact, more often than not, we are used by the very thing that we are meant to master.


So how does one better acquainted themselves with their mind? In this article, I will overview the various states of brainwave activity, how to recognize each of them within yourself, and what the energy of each brainwave equates to. In fact thinking of these frequencies in terms of waves is perfect for creating context for this conversation.  


Beta (15 - 40Hz): 

As you read this article, you are in the brainwave state of data. The state allows us to be fully aware, alert, and immersed in our physical world. This is highly useful when we are in conversation, driving, or are playing a physical sport or activity. Think of this as choppy waves on a wind-blown day. 


Alpha (9 - 14.9Hz): 

Take a moment to pause - now, conjure an image of the beach in your mind. See the waves lapping up on the sand, smell of the salt in the air, and feel the breeze blows past you. This state of relaxation that you are likely transitioning into, is alpha. This state is allows us to be conscious of our surroundings, while relaxing the global systems and mind. Think of this state as being large ocean swells flowing towards shore. 


Theta (5 - 8.9Hz): 

Welcome to the wonderful world of theta. This state of being is light sleep to deep meditation - the realm of our subconscious mind. This is when our brain enters into vivid dreams, moments of intuition, and a restful sleep. Healing, and dealing with past hurt can be accomplished in this state of mind. This would be the subtle ripples in the ocean on a calm day. 


Delta (1.5 - 4.9Hz):

Remember that time that you fell asleep, woke up, and didn't remember anything? This would be Delta. Delta is where our bodies accomplishes deep, restorative work on our physiology and recovers from the varies stresses of life. This frequency would be the flat conditions on a glassy day. 


The ideal is to balance out our mind and hemispheres through eliciting relaxation cycles regularly. This allows our mind to release stress, otherwise kept, to reduce the affects of it culmination on all of our systems. Much like surfing, we must monitor the surf and know when to ride and when to wait. In this way we are able to best navigate the waters of our mind. 


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