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VISION: Elevating consciousness, harmonizing minds. 
MISSION: Empower your authentic self through clarity, harmony, and alignment. 

Alysia embarked on the ultimate journey of self-love upon learning the truth about her marriage.  This spurred a dynamic process of expansion, allowing her to create a new reality for her and her two boys (and their Mainecoon cat). After 5 years of expos, wellness fairs, and offering a mobile service, Alysia decided it was time to open a physical location for Light Alchemy HI in the magickal upcountry Maui town of Makawao. Alysia continues to answer the call to support our community in our collective movement forward. Utilizing tools such as the Roxiva, PandoraStar, and MindPlace deep trance meditation devices, eForcePlus pendants, life and near-death experiences, empathic and inner guidance, Alysia welcomes you to experience yourself in a totally new light. I welcome you to Light Alchemy HI. 

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