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PandoraStar Lamp

What is the PandoraStar Lamp? 

The PandoraStar is a 12 stroboscopic LED lamp that emits white light from the lamp head. These lights flicker at different frequencies and intensities, stimulating a response in the pineal gland and brainwave functioning. 

What is the experience of meditation with PandoraStar? 

Experiences can vary greatly because each person brings with them, their own energies and influences. Certain consistencies do exist, however, it is best to experience the meditation without biases. 

How can the PandoraStar Lamp support me in my life? 

The PandoraStar will stimulate your pineal gland, opening your third eye and allowing more of your Essence to flow through your Self. Effects people have reported experiencing are: 
- deep relaxation & rest

- profound spiritual experiences

- greater mental acuity

- increased sensations of happiness

- improved creativity & imagination

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