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roXiva RX1

What is the roXiva Lamp? 

Only the latest and greatest audio visual brainwave entrainment device on the market! The RX1 is a portable powerhouse, fully capable of assisting both individuals and large groups with unlocking more of the brain's potential. Using stroboscopic white light combined with sound, each expertly crafted session will effortlessly guide participants into consistent states of mind... achieving deep relaxation, profound inspiration, altered states of consciousness, and more. An experience with the roXiva lamp is one of the safer, and more accessible ways to create lasting and beneficial change from within. Our favorite alternative option to smoking or ingesting potentially harmful mind-altering substances. 

What is the experience of meditation with roXiva? 

Experiences often vary greatly because each person brings with them, their own authentic energies and expressions. Many consistencies do exist, however, it is best to experience the meditation without biases. Imagine your mind is tuning in to a simple cocktail of frequencies... as if taking in a multivitamin, the mind only chooses to sync with the frequencies which serve the brain's best interests in that moment. Simultaneously, this process stimulates the part of the brain which is active when dreaming, thus enabling the user to gain access to the natural DMT within the body.

How can the roXiva Lamp support me in my life? 

The RX1 can stimulate your pineal gland, opening your third eye and allowing more of your essence to flow through you. Effects people have reported experiencing are: 
- deep relaxation & rest

- profound spiritual experiences

- meditative journeys

- greater mental acuity

- increased sensations of happiness

- improved creativity & imagination

- relief from anxiety & physical discomforts

- psychedelic experiences similar to LSD and DMT


roXiva's RX1 is for users in good general health, interested in potentially improving their overall wellness. The claims on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA. It is not a medical device, and it is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition. 

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