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Complete your home decor with one of these large gorgeous spirit masks! Hand-crafted by our friend Judy Adams, these masks are incredibly stunning. Each creation is one-of-a-kind using natural feathers. Every bird the artist receives comes with paperwork verifying it was handled humanely, sustainably, and ethically. Since these are one-of-a-kind, she will re-create a special version of your favorite mask from the attached photos. We will cover your shipping up to $60. Anything over $60 for shipping will be the buyer's responsibility.

Normally Judy's work can only be found by visiting her at a Pow-Wow along the West Coast in the U.S. This is a rare opportunity to be able to order one of her pieces online.


1. Eyes in the Forest

2. Corn Maiden

3. Blue

4. White Buffalo Calf Woman

5. Fancy Dancer

6. Shaman at Sunrise

7. Red

8. Eyes in the Forest in Blue

9. Healer


Interested in a custom design? Send us a message! Please note: Custom designs may take more time and materials are determined by which birds the artist has in her possession at the time. Price may vary to reflect the custom details of your order.

Feather Spirit Masks

  • Keep safe from pets and small children.

    Keep away from water or rain.

    During shipping some of the feathers edges may press into the sides of the container. Use the natural oils of your clean, dry fingers to smooth frayed edges. There are videos on youtube demonstrating how to use steam and perfectly mend any bent or frayed areas back together. Please take caution and use gloves when handling steam.

  • All materials are determined by what nature provides. Each feather is unique and tells it's own story. You may find a bent or split area on a feather which typically occurs during shipping. You may use the natural oils on your fingers to work it's shape a bit until smoothed to your liking. A little steam is the most effective in mending frayed/bent areas. 

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