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Naturally molted feather fans for smudging, rituals, and altars. One-of-a-kind creations channeled by energy healer Janet Swan. For 40 years she has rescued and cherished her feathered family of rare birds. The joy, love, and mana of each treasured tool she creates can be felt. Some pieces are very lightweight with a light wooden handle wrapped in ribbon, leather, or rope. Others contain a naturally foraged antler from her neighbor's property. Every piece also contains one or more crystals or stones.

The proceeds from each creation goes toward feeding the birds. One of her beloved military macaws recently passed away at the age of 65... a naturally curved feather indicates that a bird is an elder and is possibly approaching the end of it's lifetime in approximately 1-4 years.

Feather Smudging Fan *Small*

Color/Design: Green Tones
  • Keep feathers away from pets and moisture. If necessary it is possible to steam them back to life if they are made wet by accident.

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